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Writer's Block: Cool places
What's your favorite city or town that you've visited? Why do you love it?

      Its funny, I grew up in NYC, I lived there 20 out of 24 years of my life.. Its not NYC. I love so many places though, and NYC makes the list, but the number 1 place Ive always loved was Jacksonville FL.  The beaches are amazing, the weather everytime ive gone was amazing, the people warm and receptive.. Just an all around great place, very tropical.  Savannah GA makes the cut too, Tybee Island is wonderful as well as the life in the city. Savannah has a very antique feel to it and at times seems like a small version of NY.. Its claims to be one of the most haunted places in the US, but the only thing that ever haunted me there was the booze filled nightlife.

     I have yet to really travel west, although I dream of what it would be like to live in CA.  Im sure I have misconceptions about the life, but I am told its pretty much dead on (what I express when I think CA, all the stereotypes) and I dig it.  Id love to go to Santa Monica, Los Angeles, anywhere socal really.  Im a big fan of beach areas, Im a sea creature. 

     When it comes to NYC, I love it, but for its own separate reasons.  There are beaches here (despite popular belief), but thats not why I love it. The concrete is my home, i didnt really know anything else except city life until I moved out to explore.  The city was safe to me because its what I knew.  The graffiti is comforting to me, the bricks on every block, the construction, the police sirens, the air, buses passing by, the subway heard from underground, the crowds, etc. Its just so easy to get lost, blend in, and pretend you dont exist for a while.  All those people, and not a single one of them wants to bother you despite the fact that you are bumping into people, standing still, it doesent matter.  You dont have to converse with people, the streets talk to you. The couple staring at the map down the block; tourists. Its written all over them, who breaks open a map in the middle of the street? You could be a little more discreet, and do that at a coffee table, or take it one step further and use an app on your phone so no one knows you are the easy target.  The bums on the corner all have a story if you have the time to listen to them, most just assume they are all crazy, and why not listen to them? They are human just like you, and they more than likely had a beautiful life up until something tragic happened, so why not help out the less fortunate?

     How about the people who give him money? Do they say something? Or the people who turn their head? Isnt it sad that these people are in your face every day in the city, and you refuse to even acknowledge these problems exist? Some see these people every day on their way to work, sometimes their face is more recognizable than someones face at your office building, and yet if he asks for any spare change, not even a dollar, you cant part with that pocket change thats been annoying you for the past 3 blocks? Yea, the street can speak to you... I love the city, its an intimate relationship that cant be explained.   Then again, NY isnt on the "visit" list for me either. Its what i know. 


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